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Club Main Sponsor

Club Main Sponsor

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East Leeds ARLFC


East Leeds was started in 1979 when they ran a team  from the Black Dog Pub after a year we moved to East Leeds working men’s club to accommodate the many young lads of the area wanting to play rugby league and here  we made the club our home for many years with teams from juniors right through to Open Age but sadly the club closed its doors in 2008 due to financial reasons this meant the rugby club having to find a new home, it was the Harehills Liberal club that helped us out for two years they gave us place to run from. But we were always looking to have our own club house the opportunity came when East Leeds Working Men’s club became available and so the committee at the time decided to try and purchase the building this was done with the help of our present club sponsor Skelton Skip Hire Ltd and in particular Rhonda and Dean Langton although the hard work of the committee was invaluable in renovating the club the hard work that Dean and Rhonda did for us was the major factor in us getting the club back and up and running, Rhonda’s business acumen and ability to secure funding is something that everybody at the club will be forever grateful for, As we all know financial help is the life blood of any organisation and that’s what they gave to us, they have thankfully remained our main club sponsor ensuring that we all have a future at East Leeds, but there is still a lot of hard work to be done so it is here we thank all our sponsors your help is invaluable. But for our club to continue we ask you all you players and parents to be forever thankful to Rhonda and her family for the start they gave us and that we all continue to work as hard for the club as they did in the early days.

Leeds Community Sports Club Registered Charity Number 1137140.

We are always looking for supporters anonymous or named.



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The room and layout can be hired via the club stewardess on the club contact form on the  Club page